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An Introduction or A Welcome?

By April, 2014-05-22

Well since I get to create the very first blog for sexaudio.com, I will go for both!!


To start with - Welcome :)


Welcome to sexaudio and Welcome to my Blog. I look forward to seeing many new members and some great new content around the place as we all learn together about sexaudio over the coming months.


If you have any questions or concerns, just give us a shout and I will see what I can do to lend a hand.


Thanks for joining and I hope you have a great time while your here!



Now for an Introduction :)

I have been a member of sexaudio’s sister site sexstoriespost.com for 7 years and have been part of the Mod/Admin team for a good number of those years.


Maybe one day I will share the back story on how I happened to become a member of SSP and then ended up here, but for now lets just start with the basics - I am a 35, from Australia, I have a thing for pinups, black & white erotic photography, love reading erotic tales, enjoy trying to write them when time allows, and love SSP and the friends I have had the pleasure and privilege of making there over the years.


I will share more as time goes by, but for now this is me and Welcome to sexaudio :) 









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About April
Long time member and Admin from sexaudio.com's sister site sexstoriespost.com.

Looking forward to seeing where we can take sexaudio :)