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In The Pink

By: Mesmer7
Posted in: New Release
In The Pink

In The Pink

Feminization and bimbo transformation for women, crossdressers and transgenders.

In this erotic hypnosis MP3, you will experience a make-over at In the Pink. You'll be hypnotized into a relaxed state of mind, helped to shed unnecessary concerns, and enjoy visits to the salon and the clothing stores. Finally you'll share your new self at a party where you discover how much you enjoy it when men appreciate how pretty and sexy you've become.

For more details, visit http://www.hypnoticdreams.com/for-women/in-the-pink.html

About Mesmer7

I write, voice and produce erotic hypnois MP3 files for men and women. For men, I've only produced femdom hypnosis fantasies. But for women, I've produced a variety of vanilla and BDSM erotic hypnosis files. Some topics include, being seduced by a stranger, being trained to obey, forced arousal, increased sexual desire, exploring sexual submission, and increased sensual awareness, and pet play.

I have also written two erotic novels involving erotic hypnosis and dominance and submission.


My web site is http://www.hypnoticdreams.com