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Introducing Erotic Hypnosis (for women)

The first in a series of erotic hypnosis audio stories written specifically for women. Introducing Erotic Hypnosis helps you develop the mind-body connection, discover a heightened sense of sexual awareness and your true potential for arousal and pleasure. This hypnotic sensual fantasy helps you to visualize yourself enjoying the pleasure of your body free of inhibitions so you may become more easily and more deeply aroused, and enjoy greater sexual pleasure, including more frequent and intense orgasms.

Post-hypnotic Suggestions: Relax during sex, enjoy being a sensual person, become more easily aroused with any partner, enjoy more frequent and intense orgasms.

To hear a sample or to purchase, visit http://www.hypnoticdreams.com/for-women/intro-hypnosis.html

About Mesmer7

I write, voice and produce erotic hypnois MP3 files for men and women. For men, I've only produced femdom hypnosis fantasies. But for women, I've produced a variety of vanilla and BDSM erotic hypnosis files. Some topics include, being seduced by a stranger, being trained to obey, forced arousal, increased sexual desire, exploring sexual submission, and increased sensual awareness, and pet play.

I have also written two erotic novels involving erotic hypnosis and dominance and submission.


My web site is http://www.hypnoticdreams.com